Hi, I’m Tanya. I'm a content marketing writer, journalist, and copywriter.

As a content marketing writer, I specialise in writing about children's technology, family, education, linguistic technology, travel and food. Using my expertise in these areas and my 15+ years experience as a writer and editor, I create valuable content for brands to help them communicate with their audience.

As a journalist, I have written on these and other topics for Washington Post, CBC, Redbook and many other places.

As a copywriter, I have written and edited hundreds of advertorials, product descriptions, web pages, press releases and other types of technical communications. If you want to see a sample of something that's not here, please get in touch!


I have a PhD in Linguistics and for many years prior to becoming a writer I worked on documenting and teaching Oji-Cree, an endangered native Canadian language. 

I have moved 12 times, have lived in five different countries, and speak five languages.

I'm a huge fan of South Park and The Big Bang Theory.

I love picture books.

I hate it when my toast is not buttered on all corners.

When I'm not writing, I like to draw portraits. Portraits are stories of people told without words.

Please get in touch! I'd love to hear from you!