Hello, I’m Tanya. I tell stories.

I help businesses turn complex ideas into compelling, accessible stories to build trust with their audience.

I am a B2B & B2C content marketing writer and journalist writing about education, travel, family, children's technology, linguistic technology, home improvement and sleep.

I love connecting brands with their audiences by creating engaging, educating or entertaining content that matches the brand's voice and conveys its message effectively to the world.

My services include: Blog posts, Advertorials, Brochures, White Papers, Case Studies, Web Copy, Newsletters, Press Releases, Grant Applications. 

► My Content Marketing Specialties:

✔️ Sleep Health and Sleep Technology
✔️ Travel and Relocation
✔️ Home Improvement
✔️ Linguistic Technology
✔️ Education Technology
✔️ Children’s Technology
✔️ Special Needs Parenting

I have also published articles in Fast Company, The Washington Post, Redbook Magazine, Rodale's Organic Life, CBC, The Wisdom Daily, Brain Child Magazine, Tablet, The Forward, and other major media outlets.

► My Background:

I have a PhD in Linguistics, and spent several years documenting an endangered Native Canadian language. I have lived in 5 countries (including the US, Canada and UK) and speak fluent Russian and Hebrew.

Want to know how my writing can help your business? Drop me a line! I'd love to hear from you.