How does sleep affect children’s school test scores?

Despite the well known facts about the importance of sleep in child development, many kids these days don’t get nearly enough sleep. In fact, according to one international study conducted several years ago, Australian children are among the most sleep deprived in the world. Children who don’t get the recommended amount of sleep tend to be tired, moody and more prone to mental health problems than those who do. However, if your kid is consistently undersleeping, you’re likely to get not only

The Questions About Bilingualism You Were Afraid To Ask

Tanya Mozias Slavin is a writer and a linguist. She has lived in five countries and is a mum to a bilingual nine-year-old and a trilingual three-year-old. Find her at or on Twitter (@tanya_slavin) We live in a world where being multicultural, multilingual, multi-anything is quickly becoming the norm. But I still regularly meet parents who have deep seated concerns about raising their children bilingual. They often feel insecure about their ability to pass on a second l

How to Write an Introduction for a Qualitative Research Study | Synonym

There are two different accepted methods of conducting research in social sciences. These are quantitative and qualitative research studies. Both methods can be used to test hypotheses by carrying out investigations with groups of participants, but they achieve that in different ways. Quantitative research relies solely on numbers. For instance, the researcher may give out surveys to a large number of participants and then analyze the data from their answers by looking for patterns and correlati

What Is Media Production? | Synonym

We live in a world dominated by various kinds of media. Every day, people engage with and consume information from many different mediums using various devices, sometimes at the same time. For instance, they may listen to a podcast or the radio while checking social media on their phone or watch TV while looking for recipes on their tablet. Media actually refers to any kind of communication whose purpose is to inform, educate or entertain a wide audience. It can be anything from web content to