Is it better to be the big spoon or the little spoon?

How do you cuddle? When most people think spooning, they likely imagine the guy as the big spoon and the girl as the little spoon. It has to do with size (girls are usually smaller so it’s easier for them to fit in the little spoon position) but also with the perceived gender roles. Even in our progressive post-#MeToo world we sometimes have trouble imagining men in a vulnerable little spoon position and women as anything other than needing to protected.

How to transition your child to their first big kid bed

So, you’ve decided to take the plunge and transition your toddler to her first big kid bed. It’s an exciting new adventure you two are on, but as with any big changes it may initially also be challenging. Here is how to do it safely and how to make the transition easier for everyone involved. Since your child will now be able to move in and out of her bed freely, make sure her bedroom is toddler proof. So that if one night she gets it into her head to build a fire in the middle of room, it w

Is our screen-time anxiety more detrimental than screen time?

“One… two… thrrr…” — He slams his tablet cover closed before I finish saying “three” and throws himself onto the floor, screaming. I sigh with exhaustion. We’re in the midst of another battle over screen time. This scenario repeats itself daily for many months: My 6-year-old son Martin reaches the end of his allotted screen time for the day but has trouble switching his tablet off, and after several attempts to get him off the device in a nicer way, I resort to angry counting. Like most parents

The importance of sleep in child development

Sleep is important for everyone. Quality sleep lets us rest and regenerate, makes us less prone to diseases and long term health issues, and generally turns us into happier and more easy going creatures. But when it comes to children, sleep is extra important for them because their bodies and brains are developing at a rapid speed. The difference between a child regularly getting quality sleep and one who is constantly under-sleeping can manifest in ability to focus the next day, test scores

How does sleep affect children’s school test scores?

Despite the well known facts about the importance of sleep in child development, many kids these days don’t get nearly enough sleep. In fact, according to one international study conducted several years ago, Australian children are among the most sleep deprived in the world. Children who don’t get the recommended amount of sleep tend to be tired, moody and more prone to mental health problems than those who do. However, if your kid is consistently undersleeping, you’re likely to get not only

No-Limit Screen Time For Introverts

I don’t limit screen time. I don’t give out stickers for good screen time habits or take them away for bad ones. I don’t impose rules like you must do 10 push-ups, 25 minutes of physical activity, 15 minutes of creative work, and 20 minutes of educational activities before using any digital devices. My son, at 7, uses his tablet on his own terms and on his own schedule. The main reason I don’t limit screen time is because it fits well with my personality and parenting style. Yes, I consider it

Raising A Child Who Is Like Me

I wake up to a steady and dull thump-thump-thump outside. I look out of the window: grey sky and a heavy wall of rain. It’s Saturday morning. I breath a sigh of relief. I put my head back on the pillow, close my eyes and take in the comforting sound of pouring rain for a few more minutes. Saturday indoors? No pressure to get dressed, get organized, and go “do” things? The complete guilt-free permission to stay inside and let the day spontaneously unfold, guided only by our minute to minute desi

My child is a perfectionist. Here’s how we find balance.

I turn away from the kitchen counter and see a little person, my son, handing me a piece of paper and a pencil. I quickly wipe my hands off on my apron and take the paper and pencil. But then I remember what happened the last time, after a similar request, and try to cop out by telling the little guy that I don’t know how to draw dinosaurs. I have never drawn a Spinosaurus. So I take a deep breath and carefully outline a bear-like creature with a turtle shell on top, hoping he won’t notice. Bu

Don't Miss a Thing at Your Child's Birthday

You look forward to your child’s birthday every year. Time stops and all you see is your toddler stick out three chubby fingers and proudly declare “I’m thwee!!!”. Your school kid squealing with delight at receiving a long-awaited gift. Your bleary-eyed teenager shuffling into the kitchen at 10 am on the Saturday morning of his birthday and awkwardly unwrapping his presents trying hard to hide his toddler-like excitement. Those days are precious. But admit it. You don’t like planning parties. T

Keep Your New Year's Resolution with "Learn to Bowl"

Keep Your New Year’s Resolution with “Learn to Bowl” Nearly a month ago you raised a glass and cheered “Happy New Year!”, or watched fireworks and counted loudly together with the over-excited crowd “Ten… nine… eight… seven… six…” You cheered to a new beginning, welcomed new possibilities, and dreamed of a newer, fresher you. Maybe you resolved to learn something new this year, to start a consistent exercise routine, or try to socialize more with friends. Maybe you resolved to get better at mee

How A Christian School Helped My Son Find His Judaism

When we find out that the local primary school to which we are about to send our son is affiliated with a Christian Methodist church, we begin to worry what it will do to our child’s malnourished Jewish identity. The school has a friendly atmosphere, claims to be tolerant of all religions and views, and aims to raise kind, liberal and open-minded children. But still, the Christian aspect is inevitably there: in the daily worship and the weekly assembly in church, the reciting of prayers, the N

Monsters In His Head

I’m watching Martin’s weekly private swimming lesson from the viewing area of the local pool. A girl of about the same age as him is swimming widths nearby, accompanied by her teacher. There is nothing unusual about the girl, but her presence suddenly disrupts the sense of normal that I’ve gotten used to. Every time she answers her teacher out loud, her voice rings like a bell standing out from the background noises of the pool, and I stare at the source of the sound in sheer amazement. I’m so u

The Silent Vampire Goes Trick Or Treating

As my little six-year-old vampire approaches a stranger’s door, my heart shrinks with worry. How will it go?  I know he can’t yell “trick-or-treat” like he’s expected to, or even whisper it. Will people give candies to a silent little monster with an orange bucket? The British old lady who opens the door exclaims “Ooh! Another one! You’re SO scary!” and spends some time trying to elicit the traditional “trick-or-treat” from him. She’s unsuccessful: he stands there silently, his arms stubbornly

How Doing This 1 Thing Helped Me Truly Enjoy Spending Time With My Kid

As a parent today I feel as if I'm constantly inundated with fervent, well-meaning, parenting advice coming at me from all angles: in person, in magazines, on the phone, and all over social media. (Read more about how a one-week digital detox made this writer a better mom.) “Early music education is essential for the development of young brains," I'll hear as I contemplate signing my son up to learn to play violin. Then, “Baby swim lessons boost immune system and teach important life skills.” O

I Taught My Son To Bake By Giving Him Free Rein In The Kitchen

"Actually I've change my mind. It's not a cake. It's a soup. Can we fry it then?" When my son was little, I tried to get him interested in cooking, using all the recommended methods. But quality bonding time in the kitchen, prescribed by parenting experts, never worked for us. He loved playing with ingredients, but every time it (inevitably) turned out that he had to follow specific directions on what and how much to add, his interest vanished instantaneously. As a result, I gave him an early d