Passeport 2017

Test Your Knowledge of Canada's Indigenous Languages | Canada 150 | Passport 2017

During Canada’s 150th year, it’s only fitting we take a moment to truly appreciate this country’s linguistic diversity. In the 2011 population census, more than 200 different mother tongues were reported as being spoken in from coast to coast to coast. It seems even more important now, especially in the context of the current reconciliation dialogue, to appreciate the diversity of languages that are native to this land. Most of the Indigenous languages spoken today are either endangered or on t

As a non-Indigenous student of Oji-Cree, I learned much more than a language | Canada 2017

"You want to go where?" The travel agent's eyes slowly widened as his finger traced the map north, north, north … until the map ended and his finger was on the bare wall. The northern Ontario community I wanted to visit was not even on his map. I was no less surprised than him. I was an international student from Israel doing my PhD in Linguistics at the University of Toronto with a focus on Oji-Cree. Now the plan was to continue learning in Kingfisher Lake First Nation — despite maps that e