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From RPA to IPA: 3 benefits to your business

You have a business and its growing. You understand the value of automation and you’re fully on board with it. Gartner considers RPA (Robotic Process Automation) the fastest growing software category, predicting that it will grow 57% in 2019 alone. Of the companies who haven’t adopted RPA yet, 84% will start implementing it fully or partially over the next three years. You, on the other hand, are already there. You’re ahead of the game. But something doesn’t quite add up. Your employees now ha

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Can Technology Help You Sleep Better?

We all know that the general advice is that technology and sleep don’t mix. Don’t watch TV right before bed, limit your use of smartphone too close to your bedtime. Blue light from screens has been proven to suppress melatonin, a hormone secreted by the pineal gland that helps regulate our biological rhythm, including sleep and wake cycles. Too much time on your phone can also lead to highly undesirable parasomnias like sleep texting. But what if the right kind of technology can actually help y

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Can Tech Companies Really Un-Distract Us? –

Can Tech Companies Really Un-Distract Us? Google, Apple, and Facebook all seem to think so, but here’s why we shouldn’t let ourselves off the hook just yet. This is what Tristan Harris, the founder of the non-profit Time Well Spent, wants us to understand: technology companies consciously and unconsciously exploit our minds’ weaknesses in order to get us to spend more time using their products. They achieve this “mind control” through various design decisions: controlling the menu of options we

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How does sleep affect your memory

Have you ever been told that the night before an important test you should sleep with the textbook under your pillow, so that in the morning you can have its contents memorised? Turns out there is something to it. With a few minor modifications: First, you need to make sure to actually READ the textbook before you go to bed. Second, you don’t necessarily have to keep it under your pillow at night. But the sleep part of this recommendation can stay. Sleep indeed does amazing things t

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Sleep Texting: What It Is & How to Stop It

It’s more common in those who take sleep medication or have a genetic predisposition for parasomnia. But most importantly, sleep texting doesn’t happen in a bubble. “Generally, we find that people who sleep text also have had episodes of other parasomnias, such as sleep walking or sleep talking,” Ebrahim says. With that in mind, he explains, we shouldn’t look at sleep texting as a unique phenomenon. “If you didn’t have your phone beside you, it would probably manifest as another parasomnia,” he

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The importance of sleep in child development

Sleep is important for everyone. Quality sleep lets us rest and regenerate, makes us less prone to diseases and long term health issues, and generally turns us into happier and more easy going creatures. But when it comes to children, sleep is extra important for them because their bodies and brains are developing at a rapid speed. The difference between a child regularly getting quality sleep and one who is constantly under-sleeping can manifest in ability to focus the next day, test scores

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How to Pick the Best Travel Pillow for You | Saatva

Almost everyone who’s ever fallen asleep on a plane knows the uncomfortable feeling of waking up at your destination with nagging neck pain. In fact, research shows that as many as 69% of people experience neck pain after flying. Still, most of us have resigned ourselves to the uncomfortable reality that a little bit of neck pain is a fair price to pay for some much-needed sunshine in the middle of winter on a distant tropical beach. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Finding the best travel p