Why should you work with me?

As an AI expert, you know a secret. Artificial intelligence is not the stuff of sci-fi movies it’s made out to be by the media. It’s a result of hard, grueling, and often quite dull and boring work.

So how do you convey the value of your product without boring your audience with dull technical details? 

What you need is a writer who can both compassionately address the human problems your prospects are facing and describe the technical solution to those problems in an accessible way.

As a linguistics professional with a passion for technology and creative writing, I can help you do just that.

I'm a linguist

Linguistics is the scientific study of language and how it is organized and constrained by the mind. Since artificial intelligence tries to mimic the analytic and learning capacities of the human mind, my linguistic training enables me to better understand this technology and the challenges it faces.

I'm an educator

As a former educator in a higher education institution, I am used to explaining complex topics in an accessible way and finding creative ways to do so. It also means I can produce perfectly structured and easily digestible marketing materials that your potential buyers will absorb like a well-written textbook.

I'm passionate about technology

I have a broad interest in technology and all the ways it can improve people’s lives and free up space for creativity. I have written about how technology can make us happier and more productive individuals for publications such as Fast Company and the Washington Post.

I'm a storyteller

Studies show that humans perceive and retain information much better if it is told as a story. Whether you’re writing a white paper or building a sales deck, you can’t ignore the power of storytelling. As a creative writer (my creative non-fiction has been published in prestigious literary and mainstream publications) I can harness the power of storytelling to capture your audience’s attention from the very first sentence.

Have a project in mind? Please get in touch or see some samples of my work here.